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Downtown Okotoks

Points of Interest

Okotoks has many interesting spaces and places around town. Use the interactive map below to check out:

  • heritage buildings

  • public art

  • historic spaces

Image by Alex Haney

Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops

Image by Melanie Mauer

Heritage and Community Events



Okotoks, Alberta, offers a delightful array of dining experiences, ranging from cozy cafes to exciting restaurants, each bringing its unique flavor and ambiance to the table.

Rich in heritage and community spirit, Okotoks celebrates through a variety of engaging and exciting events throughout the year. These events not only honor the town's history and culture but also bring together residents and visitors in a festive, inclusive atmosphere.

Shopping in Okotoks, offers a delightful and unique experience, characterized by a mix of charming local boutiques, artisan shops, and speciality stores. This small town charm, combined with a diverse range of shopping options, makes Okotoks an exciting destination for shoppers looking for something beyond the ordinary.

Timeless Living Downtown Okotoks

Tim Desautels 403-615-2853

Azad Chandler 403-478-2923

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