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Sandstone Developments

Sandstone, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a pioneering company at the forefront of delivering affordable, quality homes. Under the dynamic leadership of Shirley Sander, its President, Sandstone is dedicating itself to redefining the standards of financially accessible housing. Recognizing the growing need for affordable living spaces without compromising quality.  The company is instrumental in crafting homes that are both economically viable and exceptionally crafted. Shirley's vision is centered on the belief that everyone deserves a home that reflects their dreams and aspirations, without being burdened by exorbitant costs. Sandstone's commitment to raising the bar in affordable housing makes Maple Mews a beacon of hope for those seeking quality homes within their financial reach.


Our Team

Our Team consists of specialists from Urban Planning and Design to Professional Construction Managers to New Home Warranty Professionals.

Timeless Living Downtown Okotoks

Tim Desautels 403-615-2853

Azad Chandler 403-478-2923

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